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The PayPod

Welcome to The PayPod, Payments Canada’s multi-episode podcast series on everything to do with Canada’s ambitious payments Modernization mission.

Guiding our journey are the needs of Canadians, including consumers, financial institutions, businesses, start-ups, and governments. Hear Justin Ferrabee, COO at Payments Canada and host of The PayPod, interview leading experts and respected thought leaders about the changing payments landscape, the needs of Canadians and how payments Modernization will deliver on them.

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Host: Justin Ferrabee, COO Payments Canada

As Chief Operating Officer, Justin is responsible for the organization’s information technology and corporate functions, including operationalizing Payments Canada’s vision and strategic plan for payments in Canada.

The PayPod: Episode 8 – The way we pay with Sue Britton, Alvin Chan and Rubina Haq

The way we pay is changing at an unprecedented rate. But what’s driving this transformation? Payments Canada’s annual Consumer Pulse Survey finds younger Canadians aren’t settling for traditional payment methods. Millennials and Gen Z want easier, faster and more convenient options to meet their needs and expectations. Join our host, Justin Ferrabee, COO of Payments Canada, and guests Sue Britton, CEO of Fintech Growth Syndicate; Alvin Chan, Payments Innovation Lead, Digital & Innovation at Ravel by CF; and Rubina Ahmed-Haq, personal finance journalist, as they share their unique perspectives on today’s changing consumer payment preferences, and predictions for the future. Read the transcript of the recording.


The PayPod: Episode 7 – In pursuit of dataful payments with Mike Sigal & Andrew Higgins

The language of payments is standardizing through the gradual adoption of the ISO 20022 payments messaging standard. Jurisdictions around the world are slowly adopting the standard for the many benefits that its rich payments data can provide. But adoption of a global payments standard is a complex challenge: To maximize the benefits and reach the industry’s full potential to deliver innovative products and services, full market adoption is required. How can Canada lead the way to a future of dataful payments? Mike Sigal, founder of 20022 Labs, and Andrew Higgins, leader of IBM Payments Centre-Canada, join PayPod host Justin Ferrabee to discuss how we can drive ISO 20022 adoption in Canada and abroad. Read the transcript of the recording.


The PayPod: Episode 6 – PayTechs of Canada unite with Ben Harrison, Laurence Cooke, Shirley Matthew & Harinder Takhar

Canada is at a competitive disadvantage because we do not yet have the frameworks in place to support new payment experiences — some that are commonplace in other parts of the world. PayTechs of Canada is a new association focused on advocating on behalf of the burgeoning Canadian paytech industry. Host Justin Ferrabee is joined by founding members Ben Harrison, Head of Partnerships & Policy, Portag3; Laurence Cooke, Founder & CEO, NanoPay; Shirley Matthew, VP Payment and Card Product, Peoples Group; and Harinder Takhar, CEO, Paytm Labs to explore how paytechs will revolutionize the way consumers and businesses pay in Canada.


  • Ben Harrison, Head of Partnerships & Policy, Portag3
  • Laurence Cooke, Founder & CEO, NanoPay
  • Shirley Matthew, VP Payment and Card Product, Peoples Group
  • Harinder Takhar, CEO, Paytm Labs

The Paypod: Episode 5 – Are Canadians going cashless?

Justin Ferrabee is joined by Malcolm Fowler, Chief Product and Partnership Officer of Moneris; Curt Binns, Executive Director of the Canada region of the ATM Industry Association; and Neville Arjani, Director of Research at Payments Canada to discuss the future of cash in Canada. Research has shown continued declines in cash transactions over the past few years and many countries around the globe have even shifted to an entirely digital, cash-free society. Will Canada be next to embrace this change? Listen in on a discussion about whether cash will remain king, digital currencies and the future of polymer paper currency and metal coins in Canada.


The PayPod: Episode 4 – Women leading change in payments with Elena Litani, Jennifer Tramontana & Shemina Jiwani

Justin Ferrabee is joined by a panel of female leaders bringing change to payments. Elena Litani, Director of Banking and Capital Markets Solutions, nanopay; President and Founder of The Fletcher Group, Jennifer Tramontana; and Shemina Jiwani, SVP Business Development, AscendantFX discuss their role in the modernization of the payments industry. Being modern is about more than technology and infrastructure – it means supporting and embracing a diverse workforce, where female leaders are the norm. Hear from these leaders and listen in on an important discussions about how the payments industry is being shaped by women, the challenges and obstacles women continue to face in the industry, and the possible solutions in achieving balance in the workforce.


  • Elena Litani, Director of Banking and Capital Markets Solutions at nanopay
  • Jennifer Tramontana, President and Founder of The Fletcher Group
  • Shemina Jiwani, SVP Business Development, AscendantFX

The PayPod: Episode 3 – Payments for the Generations with Shannon Lee Simmons, Ceri Marsh & David Cravit

This third episode explores how innovations in modernization will make a difference for Canadians across generations. Justin is joined by Shannon Lee Simmons, millennial personal finance expert, author and financial planner; Generation X freelance journalist and author Ceri Marsh, and Baby Boomer David Cravit, Vice President, ZoomerMedia LtdOur research indicates Canadians want more choice for payment options that are safe, secure, efficient and reliable – but each generation is adopting these methods at a different pace. This panel examines those cross-generational variations, challenges faced due to a lack of options, as well as some surprising common traits.


  • Shannon Lee Simmons, millennial personal finance expert, author and financial planner
  • Ceri Marsh, freelance journalist and author
  • David Cravit, Vice President, ZoomerMedia Ltd.

The PayPod: Episode 2 – Small Business Payments with Dan Kelly | CFIB & Siena Dixon | Ollie Quinn

In this second episode, Justin is joined by Dan Kelly, President & CEO of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), and Siena Dixon, Head of Marketing and Communications of Ollie Quinn, to discuss small and medium-sized businesses’ payments needs. The payments landscape continues to evolve, making it more important than ever for businesses to keep pace. However, a recent Leger survey conducted by Payments Canada noted that Canadian businesses still use credit cards, cash and cheques as top payment methods. The trio discusses how we must continue to modernize the ecosystem to help Canadian businesses grow, keep customers, clients and stakeholders happy as well as keep pace with other countries that have already made friction-free payment options a top priority.


Dan Kelly, President & CEO, Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB)

  • CFIB is Canada’s champion of small business.

Siena Dixon, Head of Marketing and Communications, Ollie Quinn

  • Ollie Quinn is a small Canadian eyewear business, who like many more and more small businesses operates globally.

The PayPod: Episode 1 – Lauren Fleming | Ernst & Young

In this inaugural episode, Justin is joined by Lauren Fleming, Financial Services Advisor, Ernst & Young LLP and Jan Pilbauer, Payments Canada’s Executive Director, Modernization & CIO to discuss research that, among other insights, quantifies the cost of payments processing for businesses. Inefficiencies, from the matching of payments to invoices to the challenges of cross-border payments, cost Canadian businesses somewhere between $3 and $6.5 billion annually. The trio discusses how payments Modernization will bring a new wave of highly efficient payment options to Canadian businesses that will help lower operational costs and boost bottom line returns over time.


  • Lauren Fleming, Financial Services Advisor, Ernst & Young LLP (EY Canada)
  • Jan Pilbauer,  Payments Canada’s Executive Director, Modernization & CIO